Grip your Microsoft Surface Tablet

Whether you’re out on the field, in the field or in the board room, LAZY-HANDS will help you securely GRIP YOUR GEAR so you can do your job.  Surface Grips are available with or without the Stylus Grip.


Use LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips on your iPad

LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips are available in many styles and colors to suit your style.  Grip your iPad or any other large-sized tablet securely for work or play.  Order your LAZY-HANDS Heavy-Duty 4-Loop Grips in a single grip or two-grips package to meet your needs.  All LAZY-HANDS Grips will work on a case, as well, as long as it is not silicone.


The LAZY-HANDS Grip for Readers and Small Tablets

The original LAZY-HANDS design for the Kindle or any ereader or small tablet to make your favorite reading position even better.  Pick your color and pick your size.  If you toss and turn and switch hands holding your device, then get the 4-loop grips (x2) and position your grips to your preference.


The Heavy-Duty 3-Loop Grip is great for many uses!

Use the LAZY-HANDS Heavy-Duty 3-Loop Grip on your reader, mini tablet, over-sized cell phone, phablet or even your over-sized protein powder jug!  This grip is perfect for any mid-sized tablet used in retail stores and point of sale circumstances.


Use the LAZY-HANDS 3-Loop Grip on your large smartphone and phablet.

LAZY-HANDS is ergonomic, safe and secure & excellent for travel.  Do you have the latest iPhone 6 Plus?  This LAZY-HANDS Grip is perfect for you!

Grip your phone with LAZY-HANDS

Tire of dropping your phone? Or is your pinky finger tired of cradling your phone.  Go Thumbs-Free® and pinky-free with the best phone grips available!  Whatever reason you need, this 2-loop phone grip is a sure solution to GRIP YOUR GEAR!