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January 31, 2017
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broken smartphone with cracked screen

Let’s say you bought a swanky new smartphone with the latest features and most importantly, an amazing screen.  It’s no wonder that you’ll spend most of your time holding the phone in your hands and scrolling for hours.  And during one such scrolling session the phone body slips your grip and you end up dropping it on the floor – leading to a cracked screen!  Or say your child is playing games on the mobile and, in that excitement, he accidentally drops it on floor.  As a result, there will be a cracked screen and the gaming experience will be ruined for good!

Kid playing on phone

This is an extremely common scenario and all of us have at one point or another accidentally dropped our phones while using them – be it in our homes, offices or even out on road pavements.  Why does this happen?  Most often it is due to our own carelessness while handling the phone.  In such cases the phone slips our grip and falls.  At other times, it is due to the lack of a good grip on the phone.  Nowadays phone screens are getting larger which is not always easy to hold in one hand.  When you try to grip on such large phones for a long time, eventually your hand starts to get tired, which in turn leads to such accidental drops.

Your phones are not just an investment for you.  They are also an integral part of your daily life.  And breaking the screen will just hamper your experience with it and will also lead to more expenses for repairs.  And in case you need to replace the screen, then the expense is often almost near to the cost of the actual phone.  One obvious way of protecting the phone is by putting on a bulky case around the phone.  It may protect your screen from too much damage, if your drop your phone.  But why ruin the sleek look of your phone and extra weight when there are better ways to protect it?  Not dropping the phone itself is a much better option!

LAZY-HANDS 2-Loop Phone Grip

LAZY-HANDS 2-Loop Phone Grip

Now imagine having a simple tool that will make your or your children’s grip on your mobile device many times better and will thereby remarkably cut down any chances of accidental dropping!  This is where LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips come in!  These have been created keeping in mind the various circumstances which lead to such phone drops.  With LAZY-HANDS, you can instantly have a grip on the back of your mobile device which has zero chances of slippage.  It makes your whole experience with your phone comfortable, keeps it secure at all times you’re using it, and it is like your very own insurance policy against any such accidental phone damages!

These innovative, simple grips are your solution for all your mobile device needs.  Learn how LAZY-HANDS Grips can solve your mobile device needs and issues now.  www.LAZY-HANDS.com.  LAZY-HANDS Grips are also available on www.Amazon.com.

LAZY-HANDS 3-Loop Phone Grip

LAZY-HANDS 3-Loop Phone Grip




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  1. garacio says:

    today i dropped my iPhone in the toilet. i know, its stupid. i dried it of and put it in a bag of rice. when i checked the flashlight was stuck on and the screen stopped working. what is the chance that my iPhone will work again in 24 hours?

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